Use Your Fight Song

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this is equally true of strength. We have many ways to measure physical strength, but internal strength isn't as scientific and exact (thank goodness!).

Let's admit, you're not the same person you were five years ago or even last year. Life's experiences have changed you. You may have survived job loss, a divorce or an earthquake, or maybe your spirit is screaming to do more...NOW! Either way, you’ve dealt with an unsettling in your've had to fight and claw your way out. You got stronger, or maybe your light dwindled a bit.

I've been on both sides of that coin. While making a career change I had a tough time but my strength never left...not totally. Our strength might lie dormant during difficult, confusing times but it doesn’t vanish. There is always a fight left in us.

Staying in touch (or getting back in touch) with your strong self is crucial for expanding your life. Sometimes getting in touch with your strength is as simple as reminding yourself of a time when you knew you were made of titanium. It’s also beneficial to hear from other strong-willed people on their bouts with strength and courage.

I spoke to several executives about being strong and how to keep it going in this short #BeStrong film. Feel free to share it and attach your own #BeStrong theme.

Finding or readjusting our strength-o-meter is super important for achievers. Our strength is our foundation. When you use your strength as a source to fuel your work, it shows and people notice your energy. Try making a conscious effort this week to rise from that space and note the difference in how you feel and how you see yourself.

You Got This,