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Make an impact. Your life, from your work to relationships to self care all contributes to the bigger picture: living an incredible life! RE-TV shares tips and strategies to help you master the journey and help others along the way. Join Raquel Eatmon for weekly episodes and soar to new heights.

stop feeling guilty about making money

If you’ve earned it then you’re worth it!

The world needs your gifts. Your gifts bring value. Your value makes your clients happy. Happy clients influence your bottom line. You deserve credit and compensation. But for some people, especially women, there is a problem with this equation…Read More

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5 Ways to Show up In your relationships

You design your life. You set the tone.Set the tone with intention.Sharing your life with others is one of the biggest contributions- if not the biggest- you can make… Read More

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Be bold. be strong | advice on being (and staying) strong

When did you connect the dots? When did you realize that you are strong, when did you know that you had it all along? Was it a moment when you…Read More

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How to Stop Caring About What People Say About You

It doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are, we have a desire to be liked. It’s in our nature. When someone goes against the grain… Read More

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Women in business | 5 Tips for success

I’m not waiting for a drumroll to say it: The future for female small business owners looks bright. Reports suggest that women own nearly 40% of… Read More

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the price of holding a grudge

Grudges can be dangerous. The inability to let go can eradicate joyful living, it can leave you empty and mad, very mad…Read More

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Welcome to Re-tv

I’ve always been the one asking questions, if not out loud, my curiosity was noisily within. I question the motivation behind my neighbors just as I do with world leaders…Read More