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I am a smarter, wiser, tougher woman because of Maya Angelou. It wasn’t just her poems or numerous books that spilled lessons, I retrieved invaluable insight from the woman herself and it was life changing.

Maya Angelou had a profound literary voice and was praised globally through many books including seven autobiographies. She was also respected for her commitment to civil rights. She died Wednesday May 28. She was 86 years old. The world has lost a true leader and her legacy lives on in each life that was touched by her brilliance, mine included.

There was a time when you didn’t see the words: Transformation and Leadership together. It was a silent no-no

Haters don’t saddened me, they don’t burden me with their remarks, they remind me to work harder, work faster and work in the opposite direction of where they are working. They remind me of the importance of my work. They give to us in ways that most people aren't aware of and we ought to be thankful for their contribution, even if it seems like foul play.

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