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Nationally Recognized Speaker on the topics of Leadership and Communications. Founder of Rising Media LLC


Founder of the annual Women of Power Conference. Host of RE-TV: Enhancing How We Live, Work & Play!


Author of Two Empowering Novels, Beyond Enough: How to Lead With Your Whole Self and Strut Your Stuff





Leading With Your Whole Self

Despite constant efforts to reach your full potential and live a life of wholeness and balance, if you find yourself questioning if you are enough or questioning your value, worth and wisdom this is a must read. Beyond Enough: How to Lead with Your Whole Self is for every woman who seeks to better understand herself and learn how to thrive in the world. Whether you are struggling to find your way, making progress or enjoying a level of success, this book is filled with stories and actionable steps that will help you go beyond enough to own every aspect of your life right now, whatever your situation. Let it calm and invigorate you as you explore the three parts: Be Worthy, Be Wise and Be Whole. Ready yourself for all of the numerous possibilities within these pages.




Raquel Eatmon leads high performing teams and individuals through sessions that magnify self-awareness and understanding. She speaks to the topics of Entrepreneurship, Communications, Women’s Empowerment and Leadership.

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Raquel has worked with many organizations to improve workplace culture and productivity. Her presentations focus on engaging, memorable content related to the areas of: Leadership, Communications, Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.



I went to school with Raquel and reading her book was just like talking to her. She has always been amazing and I have been doing the things she says in this book for the past year to better myself but she also gave me new things to add to my β€œenoughness bag!” Thank you for being you, Rock.
— Tina