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I Am...

I am an entrepreneur, CEO of Rising Media LLC, Author, Speaker, Founder of Woman of Power Leadership Conference, HuffPost contributor and Communications Broker. I have many credits clipped to my resume but I what makes me the happiest is helping people to enhance the way they live, work and play. When we perfect the #1 skill: Being true to self, we inspire, we teach and we lead others.

Coloring inside the lines didn't work well for me. While following a more traditional career path, something else tugged on my heart. Without compromising my values and beliefs, I longed to make sense of my work and how I could contribute to the world. 

Before landing a TV news anchor/reporter position, I worked a variety of jobs (my very first gig was as a janitorial assistant) in sales and marketing. I engaged with managers, helping them see my potential through proposals, pitching ideas, staying late and volunteering. They oftentimes did not seem to recognize my skills. At first, I thought it was me. I began to repeat an old habitual cycle of playing myself down to make others feel more comfortable. It didn’t work; it never worked, it will never work. People can miss out on seeing who you really are and all the stellar things about you, but what’s important is that you see yourself. 

During a time of reflection I thought about the days when I was a kick-ball playing kid in Ohio rallying friends up for a business opportunity. Kids dropped their coins into the Sun-Maid Raisin boxes I taped on cupboards, and secret doors. In exchange for their payment they got a sneak peak behind the doors (canned goods and cheap figurines). My family didn’t have much; in fact, those kids probably had a lot more than I did, but they bought into my idea.  Then, when I was 15, I wanted a hometown talent show. I created one and the $3 tickets sold out our community center with "Boogie Nights". I paid myself and donated some to the center. These lessons from my youth fueled my desire to get back to dreaming (and living) outside of the box. But in reality, there is no box.


I came to accept my truth: All of it. The good, the broken heartedness the humorous and the insane. I became obsessed with relating to my backstory and transforming it into resources and opportunities. 

I erased societal (and personal) predictions and limitations. I forced myself to see what I was afraid to fathom. I also wanted to help other erase the agony of being confined and restricted. 

While college taught me about Journalism ethics, I didn't learn much about self management or emotional intelligence. I didn't learn how to be a genuine communicator, how to relate to others and get results. That knowledge was gained through leadership forums and countless hours of research and practice. That is when my eyes opened, heart shifted and life changed.

Interestingly enough, it was also the worst time of my life financially and career wise. After I left a fast-growing TV news career, a recession rolled in. Like many others, I lost nearly everything: downsized to an efficiency apartment, sold my dream car and pampering services made a quick exit. It's a funny thing about being stripped of all the artificial stuff: when the shiny stuff is gone, you're there, alone. In that space of ruin was one of most sacred times of my life. I gained clarity. I packaged an action plan. I began leading keynotes and executive training series. I started my communications company, Rising Media LLC and founded the Woman of Power Conference (TheWoPC.com).


I've created this website to help us all get strong and get going. Thank you for being here. I'm excited to share tips and techniques on life optimization.  At times, we all get off track, we mismanage our emotions, relationships and careers. It’s called being human. We don’t have to suffer emotionally and drain ourselves spiritually while seeking a quality life. 

We Can ...

So I ask you, how would your life change if you could communicate through your true self? How can you relate more to others and help them understand your point of view or teach them how to express their own POV?  What would be possible if you turned up your entire life? What if you went for the promotion, took the course, stop making others wrong, stood up for yourself, released toxic people? Imagine taking ownership of your life and aligning it with your skills and talents. That is the world you can create for yourself. I'm here to help. Together we can change ourselves and enhance this big, beautiful world.

We Can Do This. We Got This. I’m glad you’re here.