Women in Business | 5 Tips for Success!

I’m not waiting for a drumroll to say it: The future for female small business owners looks bright.

Reports suggest that women own nearly 40% of businesses in the U.S. These female bosses are transforming the small business landscape and there doesn’t appear to be a slowdown in sight.

October is Women’s Small Business Month and there is plenty to celebrate! As a small business owner finding something to celebrate is a very big deal because all too often you're tasked out with running a business and for me, wearing many hats.

The Responsibility of Ownership

Taking on an ownership role isn’t only for self-gratification, it helps others by way of the products, services, and goods your company delivers. Our businesses contribute to the grand picture: we empower communities, enrich the lives of our staff and boost the economy with millions of dollars.

I don’t take this month lightly. Women who are in charge of their own gig are to be celebrated. It’s a gutsy move with, at times, a slow payoff. But for many women, as the work gets done, months and years are poured into the sacrifice. Outsiders don’t see the daily grind. By the time success shows up the endeavor, that sweet spot, looks quite appealing to others. I want to help each and every one of you get to your sweet spot.

In this weeks episode of RE-TV I am sharing a formula that many women use to succeed. There are 5 smart tips that you can add to your regime to grow your business or career.


Show Me the Money

There is an abundance for resources to help boost your bottom line, start here with Five Great Grands for Female Small Business Owners. But don’t stop there, keep researching, and attend as many entrepreneurial workshops and conferences as possible. Invest in yourself.

Ways To Engage With The Community

You’ve got to stay motivated. One way to keep your spirits up and hopes high is to travel in circles with like-minded women. I have a fun social media initiative to share with you. Check out KeyBank Key4Women’s #RealLifeBosses platform. Women hold 50% of all management positions in the U.S. and Key4Women wants to highlight these achievers.

Get involved, the energy is contagious!

Thank you for tuning in to RE-TV. Make sure you share this blog with others who need it. We’re all in need of reminders like these. I hope to see you soon.

With Hustle,

Raquel Eatmon

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