How to Stop Caring About What People Say About You

It doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are, we have a desire to be liked. It’s in our nature. When someone goes against the grain with unflattering or unkind words about you, it might sting but the key is to counter the heat before it does damage.

Caring about what others think of us is truly a waste of time. We know this but it can still be a challenge to put an end to the nonsense. Worrying about these trivial things can deplete your power. Losing power is counterproductive to the hard work you’ve poured into yourself.

Tips Toward Empowerment

I’ve learned a thing or two about dealing with this effectively. My approach keeps trolls in their space and it promotes self awareness and peacefulness.

In this weeks RE-TV, I am sharing two tips that will help you avoid angst over what people say about you. Life is short and incredibly valuable, the important things need our attention. Swap out that time spent on worry with empowering emotions like you see here in the video.

Become Your Own BFF

It’s a funny thing how most of us were raised to be nice, prim and proper. Some of our parents suggested that we needed everyone to like us, we needed to be nice and make friends. But not everyone returned the sentiment, some people were and are-  just mean.

I think one tip was missing from the likable conversation I had with my mother: Become a friend to yourself. If I had known that at age 7...or 12 or even 23, I would have strengthened my handling-trolls muscle a long time ago and helped others do the same. It’s not too late, I’m on it now!

In addition to the two tips in the video, here’s another one for you: Become your own best friend. Befriend yourself in a way that offers loving kindness and complete support. Give yourself high five’s! Another action, when you need a pat on the back, give it to yourself! There is no rule in waiting for approval ratings from someone else. You’re doing all the work right? Give it up for yourself.

And while we’re shedding naysayers, please pass this vlog over to a friend. Help others empower themselves through letting go of this annoying habit.

With Energy,

Raquel Eatmon

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