Be Bold. Be Strong | Advice on Being (and Staying) Strong

When did you connect the dots? When did you realize that you are strong, when did you know that you had it all along? Was it a moment when you beat the odds? Or the time you won the long, drawn-out, hard-fought race at seven years old or at 57? Maybe you pinpointed that relentless strength after a proverbial swearing in ceremony that you’ll never repeat that mistake again because you’ve learned your lesson.

I had many examples of tenacious females. One of the best things about being raised by three women (mother, grandmother and great-grandmother) was that I witnessed their strength, and it was incredible. As a little girl, I could spot it instantly although I couldn’t quite articulate it. I observed these brave, bold women confront problems and the people causing the problems. I watched them stand up for themselves over and over again.

In the beginning, their bravery frightened me. I wondered what repercussions they would encounter, I feared backlash. But as time went on I learned the language of the unspoken declaration, “Bring it On!”

Personal Strength and Professional Success

The road to coming into our true power comes through many different experiences and at different stages of life. But once we draw a line in the sand, we share common emotions and thoughts: Courageousness, certainty, fearlessness, worthiness, confidence, gut intelligence, bravery, and freedom. And you’ll find more descriptive words from several achieving women I interviewed in this week’s episode of RE-TV.

My admiration for seeking out strong, determined women didn’t stop with the mothers in my family, I continue to be intrigued by powerful women. Because I admire their strength and openness to lead discussions on the topic, I had to produce this video.

Listen to the stories of the interviewees and how they identify with personal strength and professional success. You’ll want to pay special attention to their advice on being empowered. It works!

Be Strong Challenge

So what about you, what are you doing to sharpen your strength? What steps are you taking to polish the hard earned lessons, are you using those experiences to create more value in your life and the lives of others?

I want to hear from you, comment below on how you discovered your strength or how you’re still in pursuit of it. Share this vlog with others in your circle of influence, ask them to share their story with us here at and on social media using #BESTRONG. But don’t stop there, share a blurb on video of your story and send it to me. Let’s build a #BeStrong campaign and share a montage of stories. You’re a champion, share the win with us!

Sending you all a big, bold fist bump.

With Strength,


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