Warmest Wishes for a Bright Season (and a short list for preparing for the New Year)!

Everyone has a list for the holidays. A list for their favorite things, a list for gifts, a countdown to this or that and lists that empower you to take action for the New Year. It’s all super exciting and totally inspiring.

As you ready yourself for the season, I am sending you a warm holiday wish in this weeks RE-TV video along with another cool list below in the blog.

A Cool List for Y-O-U

I like to boost things up- live outrageously and give my best effort at every turn and every opportunity, including the holiday season. How you experience the season can make a significant difference in your life and the lives of the people you love.

This list is all about Y-O-U and it doesn’t require a lot of time or work, just reflection, optimism and love for self and others.

Do these three things to rev up the season and position yourself for a wonderful end to the year and an exciting beginning to a new year of possibilities.

1.Write a Mission Statement.

This statement defines who you are and how you will live each day. It gives you a sense of purpose for your life. Add your values and boundaries to the statement. Post this list in your home, review it every day for the next 30 days. You can also make this a family activity by building a family mission statement.

2. Celebrate Your Last Three Accomplishments.

Big or small, give yourself permission to celebrate some of your victories from 2018. For most of us, we get so busy in the doing that we forget to pause and soak up the rewards from a job well done. Take that pause now and treat yourself to a serious pat on the back or celebratory toast with friends. Do it. You deserve it.

3. Take Personal Inventory of What You Value.

It’s easy to articulate your values and beliefs but are your values in alignment with your true self? We can become disconnected from that truth without realizing it. Do this: walk through your home and office, take inventory of areas that are cluttered or spaces that need attention. Rid the things that no longer bring you joy. Make your space a space that reflects who you truly are and who you are aspiring to be.

Thank you my friends for celebrating with me. Have a beautiful holiday season! I’ll be back with more RE-TV in 2019. Comment below, share your feedback on this blog and let me know what you would like to see more of from RE-TV next year. See you soon.

Warm Wishes,

Raquel Eatmon1 Comment