Stop Feeling Guilty About Making More Money

If you’ve earned it then you’re worth it!

The world needs your gifts. Your gifts bring value. Your value makes your clients happy. Happy clients influence your bottom line. You deserve credit and compensation. But for some people, especially women, there is a problem with this equation.

The Disconnect

The problem isn’t doing the work. The work gets done. For many professional women the problem is feeling inadequate, like you don’t deserve the accolades.

Being in a state of unworthiness prevents opportunities from flowing to you. If you believe you are undeserving, the financial reward is indeed blocked. Extra coins can’t seep through. Shame and doubt can also play a role in going after (and getting) what you want.

Naturally the flip side of feeling unworthy is being worthy. You believe that you are enough- that you are good enough to lead the team, build the brand and be paid fairly for your work.

These emotions aren’t held hostage to one group. Women just coming out of the starting blocks deal with it just as the experienced ladies running the marathons. Some carry the baggage their entire lives.

I have interviewed many women from secretaries to CEO’s and some have confided that they don’t feel worthy of the position, respect or salary.

Take one of my friends as an example. As CEO, she leads 1000+ employees, there’s been plenty of growth in the firm. With nearly two decades under her pumps, she wonders if people will accuse her of poor leadership or the inability to do her job well.

The Remedy

I want you to value yourself. I want you to take advantage of your skill-set and talent. I know these words are easy to read and challenging to implement. It’s doable.

There is a remedy to altering your behavior.

Watch this episode on avoiding the guilt trip of making more cash. Grab a notepad and pen and do the exercise. It works.

The Work

Go Beyond Enough. Make a declaration every day that you are enough. Building confidence is essential to knowing and believing in yourself. In my book Beyond Enough: How to Lead with Your Whole Self you’ll linger in three section of what I call “Enoughness”: Be Worthy. Be Wise. Be Whole. You’ll also have access to a bonus sections: Women Helping Women. Check out the book here.

Finally, please note that I do not subscribe to putting money first. There are more precious items that should top your list. I do, however, subscribe to building a portfolio that represents you, your professional resume and tenacious spirit.

Remember to chime in and comment below, on Facebook and Instagram, let me know how you’re working to build your confidence cash flow. I want to hear from you.



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