Be Bold. Be Strong | Advice on Being (and Staying) Strong

When did you connect the dots? When did you realize that you are strong, when did you know that you had it all along? Was it a moment when you beat the odds? Or the time you won the long, drawn-out, hard-fought race at seven years old or at 57? Maybe you pinpointed that relentless strength after a proverbial swearing in ceremony that you’ll never repeat that mistake again because you’ve learned your lesson.

How to Stop Caring About What People Say About You

It doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are, we have a desire to be liked. It’s in our nature. When someone goes against the grain with unflattering or unkind words about you, it might sting but the key is to counter the heat before it does damage.

Caring about what others think of us is truly a waste of time. We know this but it can still be a challenge to put an end to the nonsense. Worrying about these trivial things can deplete your power. Losing power is counterproductive to the hard work you’ve poured into yourself.

The Price of Holding a Grudge

Grudges can be dangerous. The inability to let go can eradicate joyful living, it can leave you empty and mad…very mad. Bitterness causes problems, it prevents you from settling into self, it cuts you short of embracing what’s good and great about YOU.  You get stuck and when you’re stuck the greatness that you work so hard to achieve, slips further and further away…